Don’t Break a Sweat During Your Honeymoon Travels!

Tight budget? No worries. There is no need to get caught in the hustle and bustle of the ultimate honeymoon. Plan a trip later in the year that you may be able to enjoy even more. Having a vacation to look forward to is always an incentive for whatever you may be dealing with at home or work. Also, this time gap may be beneficial when it comes to saving up to ultimately splurge on a dream-come-true vacation.

If you’re too hot already because of the summer heat, change up your plans from the typical warm, tropical, honeymoon, to an adventure on the slopes. Some of the best places to hit are in the southern hemisphere such as Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia because of they experience opposite seasons from from U.S. Take ski lessons with your new hubby as you venture on to new heights and explorations to our South!

Image attributed to Fotopedia, via CreativeCommons.

Another popular destination during the summer months is an Alaskan cruise. May thru September has been considered the best time of year to see the glaciers and wildlife that the region has to offer. The cool crisp air may be just what you are searching for as an escape from the dreaded summer humidity.

Image attributed to Longshore & Shipping News, via CreativeCommons.


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