Drinks, Dinner, Dessert: Planning the Perfect Menu!

There are three important things to consider when planning your wedding menu: drinks, dinner, and dessert. Making sure you get the right combination of the three is essential, otherwise all you will have is a recipe for disaster.


White wine is a must at an indoor reception. Red wine may taste fabulous, but with people dancing and mingling from table to table, there’s bound to be a spill. White wine will be a much bigger hit once it’s time to do laundry!

Image attributed to theuptownlife via Flickr.


Whether you decide to have a buffet dinner or a planned meal for your guests, it is always important to take into consideration the preferences and needs of your friends and family. With a growing number of vegetarians and vegans, it is important to remember to have several options or side dishes, rather than just a big block of meat so that nobody goes hungry.

Images attributed to buccellaassociati via Flickr (top left), Alan Light via Flickr (top right), Sidious Sid via Flickr (bottom left), and Muy Yum via Flickr (bottom right).


It wouldn’t be a wedding without a beautiful multi-tiered cake, but check out these suggestions for other possible treats to make your perfect day a little sweeter! Fresh fruit and homemade ice cream would be perfect for a summer wedding to cool down your guests. Recently, there has also been a trend to steer away from traditional wedding reception foods and weddings have started serving more family-friendly treats! Try cotton candy if the reception is more casual or outdoors to make the day even more sweet!

Images attributed to THEMACGIRL* via Flickr (top left), Matt Stratton via Flickr (top right), madlyinlovewithlife via Flickr (bottom left), and seelenstum via Flickr (bottom right).


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