Summertime, Where The Weddings Are Easy

Stun your wedding party on your big day with elegant bare shoulders, lightweight materials that flow, and an angelic white, sophisticated wedding gown this summer. Allow your wedding dress to be as whimsical and fun as the season. Experiment with floral embroidering and extravagant lace trims, try a structured v-cut neckline, or a dropped waist silhouette gown with a bouffant bottom for flair. The warm weather combined with the warmth of your new love will be the perfect accessory to any gown you wear this season. Here are a few examples to make sure your hubby-to-be’s heart is instantly warmed as you come down the isle…and it won’t be because of the sweltering temperatures outside.

Go Strapless!

Your honey won’t be able to help but smile and notice how gorgeous you look in a shoulder-bearing number like the one pictured below. It’s something about subtle sensuality that creates a perfect balance of romance and class.

Be sassy and sophisticated by showing a little skin with a strapless gown and a slight v-neck cut

 Image attributed to Erica Culton

Bring on the flowers!

There’s something about flowers in the summer time that have an air of joy and sweetness. You too can be a walking reflection of the simplistic beauty of nature with floral embroidery and embellishments on your gown.

Dazzle the crowd with floral embroidery and intricate designs

Image attributed to Alechia Abioye

The Drama Below!

A dropped waist paired with a bouffant bottom will surely add dramatic flair to your big day.

Dropped waist + bouffant bottom = dramatic perfection

Image attributed by Angie Edwards

Plain and Simple!:

Nature does such a wonderful job of extracting beauty from the simplest of sources. Mimic this character trait by allowing your facial beauty and radiating joy be the central focus as you walk down the isle….not the dress. A plain, crisp, white, satin, floor-length gown may be all you need. You are all the beauty we need to see.

Simple Gown, Great Impact, True Love.

Image attributed to Angie Edwards

Check out more wedding updates and ways to make your summer wedding simply spectacular on the Her Big Day- Facebook Page and the Her Big Day- Twitter Page.


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