Four Ways to Give Your Cake Some Springtime Flair

1. Spring Flavors

Spring weddings have some of the best flavor cakes.  Pick a wedding cake that adds a taste of spring to it.  For instance, choose a cake with some in-season berries and fruit.  Maybe instead of using the traditional buttercream filling, consider a fresh strawberry filling or a lemon cake with blackberry filling.

Attributed to Jennycu via Flickr

2. Seasonal Colors

The colors of spring are vibrant and lovely.  Color matters for a spring wedding.  Colors include a palette of white, pink, lime green blue.  You could also add some bright orange and yellows to make your cake pop.

Image attributed to weddingcakes  via CreativeCommons

Image attributed to weddingcakes via CreativeCommons

3. Spring Blooms

Flowers of spring are the most beautiful.  They can go a long way in defining a spring theme for your wedding cake.  It can create a special effect and you have the opportunity to make a unique combination of flowers.  Popular flowers for spring cakes include magnolia, lilacs, white orchids, iris, and daisies.

Image attributed to Martha Stewart  via CreativeCommons

4. Shapes and Add-ons

When it comes to a spring cake, flowers and butterflies are are obvious options.  You do not have to go overboard with these add-ons though.  Butterflies make an amazing decoration for a spring wedding cake.  It makes the cake very elegant as well as being simple.  Also, leaves, branches and flowers on cakes are very popular.

Image attributed to awebguy via Flickr

Image attributed to Eduardo Quevedo via Flickr


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