Pretty in Pastels

Color schemes dramatically influence the ambiance of your entire wedding, so picking the perfect colors for your décor, venue, and dresses is incredibly important! We have heard brides say time and time again, they feel pink and green pastel color schemes are a tad cliché for spring weddings-but the reason many brides choose these colors is because they really do compliment the season so well! Not to mention, these colors look great whether the wedding is indoors or outside!


Image attributed to Megan Eudaly


Image attributed to Megan Eudaly

As if the pink strapless dresses were not perfect enough already, the flower appliqué on them make them a fabulous pick for a spring wedding. By adding the appliqué to theses dresses, it adds a fun element to the garment, making it more interesting to look at.


 Image attributed to Brittney Eudaly

If the pastel colors feel too soft for you, take a page out of this bride’s book and have some of your photographs taken in a more industrial-looking environment to add an edgier element to the photos!

Julie1Image attributed to Kelly January

If the bridal party consists of a close group of friends, one fun idea during your photo shoot is to have the bridesmaids take a few pictures with the groom, and have the groomsmen take pictures with the bride. Looking back on those pictures in the years to come will remind you of what an amazing day that was with all of your best friends around you and remind you of how much tighter it made the bond between your group of friends.

Julie2Image attributed to Kelly January


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