Wed in a Winter Wonderland (Holiday Honeymoons!)

The nuptials have been said, the cake has been cut, and the bells have rung….now it’s time for the winter wed couples to enjoy some alone time.

Try something different with your honeymoon location and visit some of the most peaceful places on earth after the wondrous wedding occasion. Cabins during the winter season can be a magical experience and provide an opportunity to indulge in the purity of nature and get to know one another on elevating levels. The breath taking scenery and brisk cold weather is sure to bring you all together to celebrate your unity.

Montage Alpine Cabin

Image attributed to Pixabay

Here are a few cabin necessities that you need to bring to stay warm and cozy…

Candles for a romantic setting

Image attributed to Pixabay

A warm knit blanket (snuggle while it snows)

Image attributed to Pixabay

Your favorite brew
(be attentive to each others every word while being warmed from the inside-out)
For extra richness, try melting your favorite chocolate bar into your cup of Joe

Image attributed to Pixabay

Have a grand ‘ol time in your cozy cabin with your new cuddle mate and while enjoying the simplicity of nature and all of the best of the winter season.

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