Merry Menus!

The winter season is one that is filled with events where food is celebrated and savored; your winter wedding should be no different. This week, we’ll make sure that every piece of your wedding menu is merry, from cocktails to cake.

COCKTAILS:  Hot Chocolate is a great option for a cocktail hour before dinner. It will warm your guests as they come in from outside and get them ready for a night of celebrating and dancing. To spice things up allow your guests to add their favorite flavored syrup.

Image attributed to Aburt via Flickr

APPETIZERS: Soup is a universal comfort food and a great way to start off the night and continue to warm your guests. Try a gourmet version of childhood favorites, like Tomato Soup or Chicken Noddle, or adult favorites like French Onion.

Image attributed to Adactio via Flickr

Image attributed to Martin Cathrae via Flickr

ENTRÉE: For your main course, try miniature, modern twists on classic dishes that are sure to remind your guests of the magic of the season. Below is a mac and cheese made with shells instead of the usual elbow pasta.

Image attributed to star5112 via Flickr

Honey Baked Hams are another classic holiday favorite that your guest will savor.

Image attributed to lpettinati via Flickr

DESSERT: Try lush and rich red velvet for you wedding cake to keep with the winter theme.

   Image attributed to rox sm via Flickr

Eggnog is the perfect after dinner cocktail to cap off the night and encourage your guests to hit the dance floor!

Image attributed to Dinner Series via Flickr

Embrace the hardy comfort foods of the holiday season in your wedding menu. Adapt your personal favorites into your own menu and you’re sure to leave your guests wanting more.


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