Winter Wedding Venues: Do’s & Don’ts

Looking for a place to have your winter wedding?  While spring and summer are most commonly considered the “seasons of weddings,” winter weddings can be incredibly romantic! The glistening snow and delicate icicles serving as the perfect backdrop for your special day. Here are a few helpful do’s & don’ts to help you determine just where your winter nuptials should be held.

DO: If you are having a small, intimate wedding, look for an inn (like this one at Granby Ranch) with a fireplace to create a comfortable setting for you and your guests. This will give your ceremony a warm, cozy vibe that puts all of your guests at ease and will have them dancing on their feet all night long.

Image attributed to Granby Ranch

DON’T: Unless you are getting married in a region that is known for their snowy winters, avoid a room that has a large picture window. These windows can take away that wintery feel that you are trying accomplish by having your dream winter wedding. You can always use faux-snow decorations that will give the picturesque feel of the outdoors.  Try holding your wedding at a lodge or an old mansion to get the true winter wonderland feeling.

Image attributed to Best Wedding Decor via CreativeCommons

  DO: Another creative idea is to get married at any riverside location. You will love having the view of a frozen river as the backdrop for your wedding. The beauty of the ice and the stillness of the winter will set a lovely mood for a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception.

Image attributed to Winter Weddings by from CreativeCommons

DON’T: With this joyous season being a busy time of year for all of us, make sure you do not get lost in all of the the exciting wedding details, and be sure to give your guests plenty of notice for your big day! With good timing, a simple save-the-date is all that is needed to ensure your guests can be in attendance, while juggling their multiple winter festivities. Who knows, your special day could be a perfect excuse for traveling guests to enjoy a Christmas or New Year’s getaway!

Image attributed to Lynn Larson Designs via CreativeCommons

DO: For those of you who seek adventure, get married on an ice skating rink! How many couples do you know that can say that they “skated into love?” Be the first among your friends to do so, and make your wedding day memorable for all of your friends and they will sure to be talking about your big day for years to come. Do you see a new trend on the horizon? “I do.”  Gliding down the aisle is sure to be a hit!

Image attributed to Patina Restaurant Group via CreativeCommons


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