Deck The Halls With Holiday Dresses!

1. Do not let the cold wintery weather put a damper on your dream day. Enhance your gown by adding personal touches, such as a shawl. This brings out the brides fashionable side that she can truly rock on her day. Your bridesmaids will love the extra spunk and warmth as well!

Image attributed to Sergio Vassio via Flickr

Image attributed to via Creative Commons 

2. If you are going for more of the bold side, find yourself a deep red wedding gown that will truly put you in the winter spirit. The guests will be sure to love the more wild side of the bride. If a solid red is too much, just add a hint of it to the gown.

Image attributed to

Image attributed to

3. Let your groom be stylish too! It is perfectly acceptable to let him strut his way down the aisle in an all white tuxedo to match the snowy atmosphere outside. In all honesty, he will look like your “knight in snowy armor.”

Image attributed to Sarasota Tuxedo

Image attributed to Sergio Vassio via Flickr

4. When winter rolls around, the colors that tend to pop in our head are the deep reds, rich blues, evergreens, silvers, and golds. Because theses colors are such a season hit, why not incorporate these holiday colors in the bridesmaid dresses? If you want the styles of your bridesmaids to compliment your gown, make sure the necklines are uniform.

Image attributed to New Your City Weddings via Creative Commons


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