Let Them Eat…Cupcakes!

Enjoy these Tiffany Blue personalized wedding treats that are classic for any wedding theme or season.

Image attributed to Flickr

The bells have rang, vows have been said, let the party begin! The wedding cake is a critical piece in completing the puzzle of matrimony. But why get stuck in the blah-ness of tradition? You’re young! You’re modern! Try something new!

Instead of stressing over the 1 perfect wedding cake that everyone will love, make it more personal by selecting a few cupcake designs and styles that the whole party can enjoy. It also helps with chronic-bridal-indecisive-syndrome, you don’t have to choose just one style!

Love in Lavender- Cupcake Edition. Spice up your spring wedding by with alternating cream and lavender iced cupcakes!

Image attributed to Flickr

Select 3 to 4 cupcake designs/flavors around your wedding colors, seasons, your theme or anything you like. This way you can successfully go with the flow your wedding and everyone can have a personalized piece of deliciousness that fits perfectly in a palm while dancing the night away.

If you still want to keep the wedding cake tradition, feel free to choose one specially made  just for your hubby and yourself, and share the cupcakes with all of the other guests. So put the carving knife away and say goodbye to long lines of waiting for dessert! Let them eat cupcakes!

Romantically Red Cakes in a Cup- feel free to garnish with fresh flowers. The deep colors are perfect for your fall or winter wedding.

Image attributed to Flickr


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